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Welcome to the Rest of your Life #17 - Renewal

A weekly comic inspired by Illustration Friday prompts:

So following last week's introduction of Doreen's neighborhood, here is some more talk 'bout gentrification and urban "Renewal". It's a pretty interesting topic to me, so the comic may be a bit wordy.
On the art side, the panels are based on a street view of a row of buildings (hopefully you got that). Drawing the store fronts and interiors was fun, so I hope it is fun to look at too. Lemme know!

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I love it!! <3 Jackie

yaaaaaaaaay, thanks! also, happy new year!

i love it too, but do they have to be so high brow? nobody ever made friends that way :P

good use of the quote, but...

you might have a copyright infringement suit coming your way, stranger.

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